Chasing Cars Online Mk2 Website

Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to Chasing Cars new website.  It's an exciting moment, a bit like a film premier, but without the famous people and flashbulbs!

We are excited to welcome you to our new virtual showroom, the website Mk2. Our old site was fine, but after 2 years, and some big changes in the virtual world, we have decided it's time for a revamp. We have sold over 140 cars in the 2 years since we set our website up, sadly we can't carry our old stock over, it's lost in the mists of cyberspace. Please feel free to browse our new site and feedback is always welcome.

If you like our site, please visit our site designer, Andrew Whittle. His website is listed below. His ideas and and enthusiasm are second to none. Thanks again Andrew

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